Available Granites Sizes

Exporter and manufacturer of Indian marble, Indian green marble, Indian natural stones, Indian sandstone tiles, limestone tiles, Indian granite tiles.
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AN. ISO. 9001 Cartified Stone Export Company
Manufacturer, Mineowner & Exporter Of :
Sandstone, Limestone, Slate, Paving, Marble, Granite, Quartzite etc.

 Black Galaxy                                         Golden Oak
Absolute Black                                      Imperial Gold
Siera Grey                                              Kashmir Gold
Steel Grey                                              Madurai Gold
Kashmir White                                      Shivakashi Yellow
Imperial White                                      Vyara
Meera White                                          Silver Sparlike
White Galaxy                                         S. Blue
Colombo Juprana                                   Red Multi Colour
Indian Juprana                                        Rose Wood
Golden Juprana                                      Lady Dream
Coffe Brown                                           Shiva Pink
Cat’s Eye                                                RBI Red
Ikon Brown                                            Gem Red
Indian Dakota                                         Lilet Pink
Indian Mahogany                                    Ruby Red
Tan Brown                                              Imperical Pink
Mapple Red                                            Rissy Pink
Fox Brown                                              Merry Wood
Raw Silk Pink                                         Merry Gold
Ram Silk Ivory                                        Rainwara Yellow
Ghibli                                                      Royal Cream
Paradiso Classic                                      Cryastal Yellow
Paradiso Bash                                          Sunrise Gold
Himalayan Blue                                      Summer Pink
Blue Galaxy                                            New Imperial Red
Lavender Blue                                         Sindoori Red
Brass Blue                                               Lakha Red
Flash Blue                                                Jhansi Red
Kuppam Green                                         Raymend Blue
Forest Green                                             Tiger Skin
Green Galaxy                                            Black Pearl North
Hassan Green                                            Apple Green
Green Rose                                                Bala Flower
Seaweed Green                                          Mokalasar Green
Mint Green                                                Rania Green
Tropical Green                                          Rakhi Green





12x12x10 mm
16x16x12.5 mm
18x18x12.5 mm
24x24x20 mm
30x30x -10 mm or 20 mm
60x30 -10 mm or 20 mm
40x40 -10 mm, 20 mm or 30 mm


Antico (Sandblasted & Brushed)
Antique (Flamed & Brushed)


Random-2 cm, 3cm & 4cm (On REQUEST)
Cut to size (On REQUEST)

Available Stone Sizes : Sandstones | Limestone | Slates | Quartzite | Marbles | Granites