Available Quartzite Sizes

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Manufacturer, Mineowner & Exporter Of :
Sandstone, Limestone, Slate, Paving, Marble, Granite, Quartzite etc.

 Size of sawn cut (in CM) :-          
                     10x 20, 10x30, 10x40, 10x40, 10x50
                     15x30, 15x45, 15x60,
                     20x20, 20x40, 20x60,
                     30x30, 30x60, 30x90, 30x120,
                     40x40, 40x60, 40x80, 40x120,
                     50x50, 50x100,
                     60x60, 60x90, 60x120,

Thickness: - 1.2 to 2.0 CM depending on the sizes

Finishes available:-
                   Split Faces
                   Bush Hammered
                   Wall Vineer
                    Ledger Stone
                    Chiselled Edges
                    Pool Copings

 Quartzite is sandstone that has been metamorphosed. Unlike sandstone, quartzite breaks through, not around, the quartz grains, producing a smooth surface instead of a rough and granular one. Quartzties are snowy white, less often pink or gray. They yield a thin and very barren soil and, because they weather slowly, tend to project as hills or mountain masses. Many prominent ridges in the Appalachian Mountains are composed of highly resistant tilted beds of quartzite.
The term quartzite implies not only a high degree of hardening (induration), or “welding” but also a high content of quartz. Most quartzites contain 90 percent or more quartz, but some contain 99 percent and are the largest and purest concentrations of silica in the Earth’s crust. Pure quartzites are a source of silica for metallurgical purposes and for the manufacture of bricks.
Quartzites is also quarried for paving blocks, riprap, crushed stone, railroad ballast, and roofing granules. In microscopic section the clastic structure of some quartzites is well preserved; the rounded sand grains are seen with quartz overgrowths deposited in crystalline continuity, so that optical properties of the grains are similar to those of the   material surrounding them.

In some case a line of iron oxides may indicate the boundary of the original sand grain. Many quartzites , however, have been crushed, and the quartz largely is a mosaic of small, irregularly shaped crystalline fragments with interlocking margins.

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